College of Charleston theater wedding

Posted on December 6, 2011

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights-

I don’t usually split weddings into multiple posts. But Jillian and Michael’s wedding at the Emmett Robinson Theater was such a shootfest; seriously, backstage alone was a separate quirky, random world just begging to be documented. I prefer short-ish blog posts with an emphasis on the people. But there’s so much I want to share about this wedding, so this is part one:

movie theater wedding

I love this. It reminds me of the slumber party scene in Grease.

bridesmaids in curlers

One of the girls saw me unwrapping these and thought they were mine. Nope- I wish I could shoot a wedding  in non-sensible shoes! Jillian was the one rocking the purple fabulousness.

marilyn monroe makeup bag cerave

bride getting ready backstage

silly bridesmaid

backstage theater

bridesmaids painting nails black

“No, I really am a D. Look at my bra-it’s in the bag over there.”

black bra DD strapless

bride mascara eyeliner

bride putting on dress

simons school of the arts bridal portrait

groom portrait

college of charleston cistern bride and groom wedding portrait

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