Charleston family beach portraits

Posted on June 8, 2017



It’s family beach photos time again!


Here’s a sampling of Folly Beach, Charleston, and Isle of Palms family beach portraits from last season.

I’ve been photographing some of these families for years, and I love catching up each summer!


My middle school daughter, since school is out for the summer, selected the images for this post.
Best intern ever.
She has a great grasp on my style, and is terrific at choosing images that convey to families what they can expect from a family portrait session with me.
We don’t tend to showcase the more standard, formal, everyone looking at the camera and smiling images, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take them.
Traditional, framed family portraits are valuable and important for posterity. I love the way an upcoming family describes it:
They want fun family candids, but also want a “90’s JC Penney catalog” type portrait of the whole family.
Everyone needs a catalog shot.

She also intuitively abides by the rule we’ve come up with together. “Happy people, real smiles, Mom looks good.”
That’s so important. I want fellow mothers to love, or at least like, the way they look in family portraits.
And if that means selecting a few images and asking me to fluff hair, streamline a midsection (I call it “virtual Spanx”), reduce wrinkles, or whatever,
I’m all about it.

Not because we aren’t already awesome exactly as we are.
But because I understand a bad hair day because someone poured all the conditioner down the drain, or dragged peanut buttery fingers through your bangs, or left you so sleep-deprived that the new orange highlights honestly seemed like an awesome idea at the time.

Been there. I’ve got you!


Happy summertime–

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