Posted on June 28, 2013

Check out Jennifer and Mike’s sentimental, eclectic, charming Lake House at Bulow wedding on Borrowed and Bleu today!

handmade wooden wedding sign

Happy Friday!

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Posted on June 11, 2013

Hello world!

First, a few updates.

As usual, I post new images as I’m editing on my Facebook business page, so please head on over there to see my most current work!

I’ve also had work featured on a few blogs lately and wanted to link to those. Almost all of the images featured have not yet appeared on my blog, so be sure to check them all out!

The Wedding Row featured Kate and Blake’s gorgeous Boone Hall Plantation engagement session here

Red Dirt bride, a blog for rustic wedding inspiration based in Oklahoma, featured Jenna and Michael’s lovely Alhambra Hall wedding with DIY accents here.

The Lovely Find featured Kellie and Russ’s beautiful Lowcountry casual meets English garden riverside wedding here.

And look for Jennifer and Mike’s Bulow Landing wedding, coming on soon on Borrowed and Bleu!

On a personal note, I’ve gotten several emails lately from parents wanting their 10-12 year old children photographed. The individual phrasing is slightly different, but the same theme runs through all the requests. They want their children documented during those fleeting moments of childhood. That stage where the knees are extra-knobby but the cheeks, in certain light and angles, still retain traces of chubbiness. That stage before Mom and Dad are, OMG, a Complete Embarrassment!

I was at my older childrens’ elementary school last month, and ran into my son’s 4th grade class, lined up in the hall. He saw me. I’m pretty sure he saw me. But he immediately averted eye contact and froze.

Like I was a T-Rex.

And I realized that I probably do some freezing and averting of my own. Sure, we’re great buds, and I spend lots of time with him, and I’m not afraid to discipline him and be active in his life, the good and the bad. But with the camera, I’ve definitely backed off. Part of it’s that he’s less into it, and is on the threshold of some serious orthodontia. Another reason is he’s entered that universal photographic wasteland, from which kids typically emerge around JV sports, and for awkward prom photos.

But I don’t want his tween and teen years documented only by goofy faces, images involving shin guards, or, God forbid, 500 mirror selfies of him trying to look tough with his hand thrown in a sideways V. (What IS that, anyway?).

So I’m going to get better about taking pictures of him. He deserves it. He’s pretty awesome. He’s the only person in the whole wide world who thinks my nonsense song lyrics when I change up or forget the words are hilarious.

If you feel the same way about your child, contact me and we’ll set up a session! I make it painless on them. Promise.

charleston boy

laughing boy

Posted on April 15, 2013




So Sabrina and Jason are fabulous. I actually booked their wedding through Sabrina’s wonderful mother, so I didn’t get a chance to meet or talk to them until their wedding day this past fall. However, I could tell right off the bat that they had this great, witty,  shared sardonic sense of humor. I’m all about that.


They had a destination wedding in Charleston, with the ceremony at St. Johannes Lutheran Church and then another Indian ceremony at the reception. It was gorgeous, and I was so honored to have the opportunity to be there.


Getting ready at Stella Nova salon in Mount Pleasant:


stella nova salon mount pleasant















Lots of family flew over from India, and they all stayed in a wonderful beachfront home on Isle of Palms. Hurricane Irene tried to derail the festivities, but we all just went with the flow.


bride red lipstick

bridal portrait indian american hybrid wedding

The whole family blessed the bride before they left for the ceremony.

Blessing the bride


My second shooter for the day, Bridgit, slowed down her shutter to capture all the graceful whirlwind movement prior to departing for the church.

It started clearing up almost immediately after this. Yay!

Boutonniere charleston

St. Johannes Lutheran Church

St Johannes wedding Charleston

bride from balcony st johannes church

Groom tying necklace on bride Indian wedding

st johannes church charleston

bride and groom portrait birdcage veil

bride and groom hasell st charleston

On to the Mills House!

flowers indian wedding

bride and groom under umbrella indian wedding

indian wedding ceremony charleston sc

indian wedding ceremony coconut

The bride’s sisters organized a surprise flash mob. Every guest was sent a video of lyrics and dance moves to the Muppets tune, “Life’s a Happy Song”.

So much fun to see all those smiles and reactions!

flash mob at wedding

kids dancing at wedding

Posted on March 26, 2013




I love this image from last Sunday’s Boone Hall engagement session. So dreamy!




Head over to my Facebook page to see a few additional images from this session, as well as some cute family sessions I’ve shot over the past few weeks.   I’m also still newly enthralled with Instagram, and I’m enjoying learning more about shooting in a new medium.


If you want to check out some fabulous inspiration from some of the most talented names in the photography field, check out the new SWPB Pinterest Boards.  Now is the perfect time to follow along and see how these collectively curated boards unfold.


Speaking of Pinterest, we’re sort of on speaking terms again. During the fall wedding and portrait rush, we had to part ways. There was just no time for that fabulously addictive yet time-sucking nonsense. Now, though, I sneak in occasionally. I try to Pin Responsibly. It’s what the Surgeon General would want.

Anyway, as stated on my bio page, I think my Pinterest boards are a great and fairly comprehensive way to get a sense of my personality and style, especially for destination wedding couples who want to see if we’re a good fit.

So imagine my surprise when I got home from a wedding a few weeks ago to a facetious Facebook message from a friend that said, “Those are some beautiful dolphins on Pinterest, Sally!”


I logged on to find that my 7 year old daughter had been assiduously pinning to my boards in my absence, so to someone perusing Pinterest at the time, my activity looked something like this:




Sea World Dolphin

Tacky airbrushed dolphin under the sunset scene

Fantasy island and dolphin scenario with glitter



Even tackier airbrushed dolphin

Seriously, this one leaped right off of a Myrtle Beach t-shirt



I need to look into making her cute little self a private board. Really, no one over the age of 12 needs to be subjected to that.


Let’s erase those images with another dreamy one, shall we?




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Posted on June 7, 2012

May is 3,  and can be accordingly quirky. We’ve been growing her bangs out for-what-8 months?

They were just tucking behind her ear, but she doesn’t like to wear it that way.  She’s also not big on the whole thing where we brush it, wash it, style it, make it not look like a rat’s nest.

Rather than deal with daily negotiations and painful rubber bands and howling, fat-fist-shaking recriminations,  and after a lot of wishy washy thought (seriously, it’s ridiculous, how long I contemplated the bangs-or-no-bangs thing) I granted her request for “Dora hair.”

And I think she rocks it.

(C.R. and I got summer cuts too but I haven’t taken pictures yet. Plus my hair pretty much looks the same no matter what.)



(After helping herself to my makeup bag. Asking for permission= feh.)

black and white child portrait



three year old girl haircut ideas

Posted on June 4, 2012

Good morning!

Fun with passenger vans:

wild dunes wedding bride wearing white orchid in her hair

I posted a few more sneak preview images of this wonderful wedding I photographed this weekend over on my Facebook page.

Go check them out!

Posted on April 19, 2012

I have been woefully remiss in updating my blog.

My wonderful father passed away the Tuesday after Easter. Even though he’d battled leukemia for almost 13 years, it seemed so sudden and entirely too soon.

I photographed some of the indirect activity surrounding his death and funeral, particularly the incredible outpouring of kindness, support and solidarity our family received from my parents’ family and friends.

I thought I’d compile them for publication (not here, but somewhere) at some point, but right now I can’t bear to look at them.

I’ve found comfort in getting back to work and all the never-ending but somehow soothing minutiae that accompanies daily life.

And I understand my wonderful clients’ positions too. You sympathize and pray for me, but fact is you’ve still entrusted me with the honor of capturing some of the most important moments of your life. And I can truly say that I’m more than up to the task. I look forward to it.

Perhaps my feelings are best expressed in Annelle’s quote from Steel Magnolias:

“Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair.”


Much love,


Posted on March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am cross-posting today, so I just put a new set of images (my middle child posing for me) onto my Facebook page. Check it out!

I am so pleased with how my work schedule is coming along for 2012.

I have some wonderful weddings lined up and room for only a few more on the calendar.

Totally looking forward to the Charleston beach portrait season.

Definitely want to shoot more film.

I’ve taken a workshop and watched a few free three-day online classes and I am so excited to implement all that I’ve learned.

And even after all that good news, I still want more.

So why not just put it out there?

1) I want a family to hire me to do a completely candid lifestyle session.  A fly on the wall, on a random Tuesday. I want dogs whining to come in and dinner coming out of the oven (or out of a pizza box-it’s all good!), and a meltdown because we can’t find the blue sippie cup and  clean little freshly bathed toes and bedtime stories and night lights.

All of it.

(I keep talking about wanting to capture real life, but, duh, I’d still shoot in the most attractive direction and make sure I don’t capture clutter in the background of the images.)  :)

2) I want a back yard wedding. Your parents’ back yard, yours, a friend’s…wherever. I want to shoot a wedding with a truly homemade feel, not necessarily only in terms of the details (although homemade decor is great too!),  but with regards to the space and vibe.

3) I want to shoot someone in the water. I love those dreamy,  lovely, atmospheric shots where a compelling woman in a  flowy dress wades around in a lake or ocean. (I’m thinking it would have to be a woman. Dude hair is not nearly as pretty/floaty.)


So there you have it.

Posted on February 27, 2012

Patty and Grant got married on 11/11/11, which was a Friday.

There was something extra festive about shooting a wedding on a weekday.  It felt like playing hookey or something.

Add an adorable puppy, a gang of lively nephews, and fun, very  sweet friends who rocked the portraits and the dance floor, and it was the perfect way to kick off not only a weekend but Patty and Grant’s  lovely life together.

maggie sottero wedding dress charleston sc

Matron of honor makeup

"I do" rhinestones for bride's shoes

bridesmaids tying sashes

Ring bearer and bride charleston wedding

Cohiba wedding groom cigars

charleston yacht club

Black and white wedding charleston yacht club

groomsmen on dock charleston wedding

groomsmen watches charleston wedding

groomsmen portrait charleston marina

bride lip gloss

charleston yacht club wedding sunset

charleston waterfront wedding

charleston wedding ring bearer

Charleston wedding wedding party on dock

piggyback bride

wedding fruit and cheese platter

Grant’s father is a florist. He shipped all the flowers for the wedding in and did the arrangements himself. One hard thing about weddings is watching all the food and flowers get tossedat the end of the night.

Someday I’d love to arrange some sort of 11 pm posse that would head downtown every Saturday night at 11 pm and round up all the gorgeous flowers and deliver them to…somewhere. Maybe retirement homes?

My husband, who assisted me with this wedding, and I ended up taking home the majority of the lillies. (With their blessing and at their urging, of course!) The next day we divided them among several neighbors and they stayed fresh and beautiful for days.

calla lillies charleston wedding

I love this. So cute.

wedding cupcakes charleston sc

wedding the shoe game

Posted on November 29, 2011



Have I mentioned how much I love Freshfields Village?

And have I mentioned how much I love the Millers?

Good combo.

We love to be able to capture a nice family photo.

family portrait kiawah

But this is often more realistic (and funnier to look back on!)

Cute child portrait charleston sc

portrait dad lifting daughter up in air

Then we strolled over to Vincent’s for ice cream and a change of scenery.

ice cream parlor photo session

Sharing is good.


Cherry heist!

Nap time

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