Posted on March 24, 2014


Cabell House Charleston wedding

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Posted on May 6, 2013

Happy sunny Monday!

I realized that I forgot to put a sneak peek image of Erin and Ben’s wedding on my Facebook page, so it’s the perfect time to preview a few of their images on the blog while I finish editing their lovely wedding.

I arrived at the South Carolina Aquarium for the rehearsal dinner under gray misty skies, but with’s assurance that there was 10% chance of rain until storms rolled in around 11 pm. Usually the chance of rain is overestimated, so imagine my surprise when I noticed guests looking and pointing to something outside the window, and saw this.

As lovely and hospitable as a typical lowcountry sunset is, I think this was actually a more unique sight for out of town guests. I have rarely seen such a perfect storm front roll in, and we had the ideal vantage point.

storm front over sc aquarium

Erin’s something blue. Aren’t they fabulous?

blue wedding shoes

What downtown destination wedding would be complete without a battery stroll?

bride and groom battery stroll

And an alley portrait!

bride and groom charleston alley

Their Peninsula Grill coconut wedding cake was topped with a fun homage to their home city of Philadelphia. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I didn’t catch the reference when I was taking the pictures. It wasn’t until I was scrolling through files on the computer that I was like, “Oooooh! I get it! It’s a miniature version of the sculpture in Love Park.”
I got a kick out of that and emailed the Erin to tell her.

Philly love cake topper

I’ll post more sneak peeks as I wrap up editing. 🙂

I’ll also be posting a few images of Jordan and Adam’s Wadmalaw wedding this past Saturday on my Facebook page today or tomorrow, so check back over there too!

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Posted on October 15, 2012




Lovely Kellie, shortly before her wedding. This property was made for portraits. It’s amazing.


Riveroaks Charleston Awendaw bridal portrait


Much more from this wedding to come soon! I’m editing now, and will probably add images to my Facebook here and there. Check them out at


Happy Monday!

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Posted on December 6, 2011

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights-

I don’t usually split weddings into multiple posts. But Jillian and Michael’s wedding at the Emmett Robinson Theater was such a shootfest; seriously, backstage alone was a separate quirky, random world just begging to be documented. I prefer short-ish blog posts with an emphasis on the people. But there’s so much I want to share about this wedding, so this is part one:

movie theater wedding

I love this. It reminds me of the slumber party scene in Grease.

bridesmaids in curlers

One of the girls saw me unwrapping these and thought they were mine. Nope- I wish I could shoot a wedding  in non-sensible shoes! Jillian was the one rocking the purple fabulousness.

marilyn monroe makeup bag cerave

bride getting ready backstage

silly bridesmaid

backstage theater

bridesmaids painting nails black

“No, I really am a D. Look at my bra-it’s in the bag over there.”

black bra DD strapless

bride mascara eyeliner

bride putting on dress

simons school of the arts bridal portrait

groom portrait

college of charleston cistern bride and groom wedding portrait

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Posted on November 3, 2011

Karmen and Nazar booked me to photograph their wedding from another state via email, so apart from a brief meeting in person this summer, we didn’t have much time to get to know each other before their big day. However, Karmen and I chatted a lot over email in all the months leading up to the wedding, and so by the time September 24th and their Charleston destination wedding rolled around, I felt like we were practically old friends.

Karmen emailed me shortly after the wedding to say that I was in the background of a lot of their friends’ snapshots, and I was smiling in every frame.

I felt a little dorky, but it’s true. I had a great time.

Who wouldn’t, with Karmen and Nazar, who are just fun and stylish and awesome, and their closest friends and family?

Karmen strung these crystals herself to hang from the tree and reception light fixtures.

Sigh. Killer Choos.

I asked Karmen if she runs. She said no, but her mother and best friend were quick to inform me that she was voted “Best Legs” in high school. Not surprised!

Happy anticipation!

Love this of Nazar and his Mom.

I loved the use of grapes. Very cool.

Mother and daughter, taking a quick symmetrical dance break.

Venue: Getting ready in the Grand Mansion Suite at the Wentworth Mansion, reception at Circa 1886

Officiant: Pamela Dewitt

Cake: Rozebud’s Custom Cakes, Charlotte NC

Flowers: Yia Yang at the Charlotte NC Farmers Market

DJ: Arthur Brouthers

And special thanks to the lovely Tara at Red Shutter Studio for helping me by locating a babysitter for Karmen and Nazar’s good friends so they could party late into the night. Check out their work if you don’t already know it. Awesome!

Posted on June 22, 2011


Jodi and Justin’s wedding was magical for me because there were so many scenes that I felt like could have been captured in any age at all.

It had this old world understated elegance that I just loved.

And they’re such a great couple. Justin has this fabulous sardonic wit that I just love and appreciate, and not only is Jodi breathtakingly beautiful, but she’s definitely an individual. A quiet, sweet, meditating, cat-loving social worker who-surprise!-loves ambient trance techno music so much that they planned their honeymoon around a Vegas trance concert.

francis marion hotel hallway bride vintage

francis marion hotel balcony bride and groom

Justin carved and burned the chuppah by hand. I love the way they incorporated the Lowcountry element of palmetto roses and spanish moss.

chuppah hand carved burned by groom jewish wedding charleston sc sweetgrass roses spanish moss

bridal party formal portrait francis marion hotel lobby king street charleston

I don’t normally get nervous while I’m shooting, but I was stressed out about getting the glass shot, especially since I don’t use motion-freezing flash during ceremonies. I was so happy to see flying bits of glass when I was reviewing the files!

breaking glass jewish wedding

Justin, pantomiming the enthusiastic tourist bit:

This is Jodi, when I ask her to smile:

And this is Jodi when Justin joins the conversation. I don’t think he even said anything that super-hilarious. She’s just that smitten. 🙂

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