Anthony contacted me about booking an engagement session earlier this fall. When he told me over the course of email conversation that he didn’t have a date in mind for the session since he hadn’t even proposed yet, and was planning to do so that weekend in Charleston, I had to ask if he wanted me to try to capture the engagement itself.

He agreed, and I was so excited for such an opportunity.

It was a stealth op, with me arriving early to wait for them to arrive in their horse-drawn carriage, hiding behind bushes and trees and pushing my camera and long lens settings to their limits to shoot in complete darkness without using a flash. (That’s why wedding photographers buy the expensive gear. It’s not just about higher quality files. We also need to have sensors that can capture clear images in dark churches and through the occasional shrub!)

Anthony did such a fabulous job. He put together a whole behind-the-scenes crew to help him pull off this fairytale proposal. He drafted friends to unroll a red carpet and scatter rose petals. Friends took turns reading declarations of love from Anthony to Katie. He even flew a friend in from Tennessee to lightly strum the guitar while he proposed. That’s right, guys. Read it and weep. Who can top that for romantic gestures?

Almost showtime!

Katie was so cute. I felt really honored to be there.

college of charleston engagement

Presenting: two completely giddy people!

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