Boone Hall bridal portrait

Posted on March 26, 2013




I love this image from last Sunday’s Boone Hall engagement session. So dreamy!




Head over to my Facebook page to see a few additional images from this session, as well as some cute family sessions I’ve shot over the past few weeks.   I’m also still newly enthralled with Instagram, and I’m enjoying learning more about shooting in a new medium.


If you want to check out some fabulous inspiration from some of the most talented names in the photography field, check out the new SWPB Pinterest Boards.  Now is the perfect time to follow along and see how these collectively curated boards unfold.


Speaking of Pinterest, we’re sort of on speaking terms again. During the fall wedding and portrait rush, we had to part ways. There was just no time for that fabulously addictive yet time-sucking nonsense. Now, though, I sneak in occasionally. I try to Pin Responsibly. It’s what the Surgeon General would want.

Anyway, as stated on my bio page, I think my Pinterest boards are a great and fairly comprehensive way to get a sense of my personality and style, especially for destination wedding couples who want to see if we’re a good fit.

So imagine my surprise when I got home from a wedding a few weeks ago to a facetious Facebook message from a friend that said, “Those are some beautiful dolphins on Pinterest, Sally!”


I logged on to find that my 7 year old daughter had been assiduously pinning to my boards in my absence, so to someone perusing Pinterest at the time, my activity looked something like this:




Sea World Dolphin

Tacky airbrushed dolphin under the sunset scene

Fantasy island and dolphin scenario with glitter



Even tackier airbrushed dolphin

Seriously, this one leaped right off of a Myrtle Beach t-shirt



I need to look into making her cute little self a private board. Really, no one over the age of 12 needs to be subjected to that.


Let’s erase those images with another dreamy one, shall we?




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