Posted on June 30, 2017

I’ve added birth documentary photography to my offerings in the past year, and I absolutely love it.
One of my favorite assignments. I love the unobtrusive fly on the wall style that allows me to be present but not in the way, or usually even noticeable, which capturing some of the sweetest, cutest, funniest, most priceless moments in a family’s life together.

I’ve already shared this slideshow on my business Facebook page but wanted to share it here as well.

Sweet Sadie came into the world at MUSC East Cooper amidst style, love, and humor!


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Posted on June 8, 2017



It’s family beach photos time again!


Here’s a sampling of Folly Beach, Charleston, and Isle of Palms family beach portraits from last season.

I’ve been photographing some of these families for years, and I love catching up each summer!


My middle school daughter, since school is out for the summer, selected the images for this post.
Best intern ever.
She has a great grasp on my style, and is terrific at choosing images that convey to families what they can expect from a family portrait session with me.
We don’t tend to showcase the more standard, formal, everyone looking at the camera and smiling images, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take them.
Traditional, framed family portraits are valuable and important for posterity. I love the way an upcoming family describes it:
They want fun family candids, but also want a “90’s JC Penney catalog” type portrait of the whole family.
Everyone needs a catalog shot.

She also intuitively abides by the rule we’ve come up with together. “Happy people, real smiles, Mom looks good.”
That’s so important. I want fellow mothers to love, or at least like, the way they look in family portraits.
And if that means selecting a few images and asking me to fluff hair, streamline a midsection (I call it “virtual Spanx”), reduce wrinkles, or whatever,
I’m all about it.

Not because we aren’t already awesome exactly as we are.
But because I understand a bad hair day because someone poured all the conditioner down the drain, or dragged peanut buttery fingers through your bangs, or left you so sleep-deprived that the new orange highlights honestly seemed like an awesome idea at the time.

Been there. I’ve got you!


Happy summertime–

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