Posted on March 22, 2012

I met up with sweet Sloan over Christmas break and took a few portraits of her at her mother’s childhood home. Absolutely adorable child, blessed to be born to a Mom who dresses her in perfect style!

Poor baby was a bit sick and not really in the mood for portraits. This was the signal to take her inside. I love it though. I love a good occasional frown-y picture-I think they’re adorable.

baby in yellow dress sitting on grass The Crescent

baby playing piano reflection

black and white baby dress

baby hand black and white portrait

Baby playing grand piano

Posted on March 12, 2012

Ainsley and Trey got married at Citadel chapel, on a wonderfully warm mid-December day.

The great thing about this affair was that it really did have the feel of two weddings in one.  The Post House in Mount Pleasant, where the rehearsal dinner was held, Summerall Chapel, and the Harbour Club were all already decorated for Christmas, so there was a festive, twinkly-lights vibe. But Ainsley and Ali Fisher at Carolina Food Design also used delicate whites and pale pinks that both complemented the weather and the bride’s fresh-faced,  willowy beauty.

post house mount pleasant

For laughs, the fathers of the bride and groom arrived at the packed North-meets-South rehearsal dinner in Confederate and Union uniforms. So awesome.

confederate re-enactor charleston sc

Ainsley is always looking at Trey adoringly, like this. He does it too! A lot of very sweet head-leaning, with these two.

On to Stuart Laurence salon the next morning for hair.

Hampton Park

These next two are from my second shooter for the day, Bridgit McBee. I love them. Such sweet moments with her grandmother.

monogram wedding cake

wedding white hydrangeas

high maintenance candle wedding

A skillet of cornbread! I loved the all the Southern touches on the midday menu.

wedding cornbread skillet southern

wedding cookies

harbour club charleston sc wedding reception

citadel cadets and bride

wedding groom in uniform

christmas wedding charleston sc

Posted on March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am cross-posting today, so I just put a new set of images (my middle child posing for me) onto my Facebook page. Check it out!

I am so pleased with how my work schedule is coming along for 2012.

I have some wonderful weddings lined up and room for only a few more on the calendar.

Totally looking forward to the Charleston beach portrait season.

Definitely want to shoot more film.

I’ve taken a workshop and watched a few free three-day online classes and I am so excited to implement all that I’ve learned.

And even after all that good news, I still want more.

So why not just put it out there?

1) I want a family to hire me to do a completely candid lifestyle session.  A fly on the wall, on a random Tuesday. I want dogs whining to come in and dinner coming out of the oven (or out of a pizza box-it’s all good!), and a meltdown because we can’t find the blue sippie cup and  clean little freshly bathed toes and bedtime stories and night lights.

All of it.

(I keep talking about wanting to capture real life, but, duh, I’d still shoot in the most attractive direction and make sure I don’t capture clutter in the background of the images.)  :)

2) I want a back yard wedding. Your parents’ back yard, yours, a friend’s…wherever. I want to shoot a wedding with a truly homemade feel, not necessarily only in terms of the details (although homemade decor is great too!),  but with regards to the space and vibe.

3) I want to shoot someone in the water. I love those dreamy,  lovely, atmospheric shots where a compelling woman in a  flowy dress wades around in a lake or ocean. (I’m thinking it would have to be a woman. Dude hair is not nearly as pretty/floaty.)


So there you have it.

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