Posted on April 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Ours started with indiscriminate chocolate consumption, mainly by the under-5-feet crowd, followed by two church services, a nearby garden for some quick snaps of the kiddos, Nana’s for Easter lunch, a giant, ridiculously decadent nap, then the little local airport to watch all the Easter weekend visitors ride off into the sky.

Good day.

Charleston flower garden charleston family photographer easter sunday

charleston sisters portrait palm tree riverland terrace photographer

garden flowers riverland terrace charleston child family photographer

I had a sweet, simple little smocked dress for May, but when I pulled it out of the closet Sunday morning, I realized I’d forgotten to iron it. So I let her wear whatever she wanted. Hence the baby Dolly Parton look, complete with checked dress and cowboy boots.

johns island executive airport

charleston airport lifestyle photographer

Even small jets pack an auditory punch

Posted on April 19, 2011

I met Katie at the Charleston Bridal Show earlier this year. I was photographing the fashion show and behind-the-scenes model activity, and Katie was one of the event coordinators.

We met back up this spring to do an engagement session for Katie and Ryan, who were high school sweethearts. They’re getting married in their home state of North Carolina this December.

They brought along Jax, their adorable and funny Westie.

I have to give a shout-out to this sweet couple, who were my first ever clients brave enough to take me up on a 7 a.m. time slot.

The light was just as gorgeous as I’d hoped, although the gnats were just as bad as several local photographers warned me they would be. (I now carry Deep Woods Off and Bounce sheets in my camera bag!)

Thanks, guys, for sticking it out despite the no-see-ums.  You look great!

sunrise engagement session charleston battery

Charleston west highland terrier westie engagement couple pet session wedding photographer

Sunrise beloved session engaged couple charleston wedding photographer battery white point gardens south carolina

Posted on April 12, 2011

When I first met Jillian and Michael, they had so many wedding ideas that it was easy to catch on to their excitement.

They have their own style, and it seems to reflect in everything they do.

As lovers of the theater and movies, they wanted to do their engagement session at Cinebarre.

I was game.

Thanks guys! You were total naturals in front of the camera, and so much fun to photograph.

mount pleasant photographer engagement session movie theater

Posted on April 8, 2011

I have two awesome engagement sessions to blog next week. One with an adorable dog, and one in a movie theater.

Until I can sit down and create those posts with the attention they deserve, though, I leave you with my daughter. (Yes, again!)

Yesterday she put on a little straw hat and brought me my Minolta SLR. I was jazzed; thinking she was volunteering for a photo shoot.

But actually she mostly refused to give me the camera.

Apparently her plan was that *she’d* be the photographer.

Every time she’d take a shot (not really, she doesn’t know how to advance the film) she’d pause, admire the nonexistent LCD screen, tilt her head, and coo, “Awwwwww!”


P.S.-someone just messaged me and asked if I was worried about her holding that camera.

Heck no.

She’s not allowed to play with my DSLR’s, but that Minolta is the same age as me, and built like a tank. Old skool craftsmanship even though it was an ordinary mass-produced item. Gotta love it.

say cheese! baby girl toddler minolta film slr camera

Minolta xd11 rokkor 50mm 1.4 pink dress hands charleston baby photographer

Blue eyes pigtails two year old girl charleston

toddler taking pictures pigtails cute charleston sc family photographer

gymboree monkey dress

Posted on April 2, 2011

The Maybomb turned two years old yesterday.

April 1st now has a new meaning to me, but I still love the tradition of a day dedicated to levity and creativity.

The best prank I’ve ever personally witnessed was when my middle child, age three at the time, got irritated with her older cousin on vacation and salted his toothbrush.

She cackled when he went to brush his teeth and started spitting and sputtering.

We were thoroughly impressed. Proud. The execution alone is noteworthy, but for a 3 year old to come up with those sorts of shenanigans all on her own—surely we’re doing something right.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled off, witnessed, or heard of? Leave a comment and let me know. The winner gets a $10 Starbucks gift card! Or, if you’re in Charleston, you can opt for Muddy Waters. (Buy local, you know.)

(If you want to enter but cannot think of anything good, just tell me which image is your favorite. And get some funnier friends!)

I’ve got several sessions I need to blog, but for today, I just want to focus on the babe, who’s no longer a babe. Sniff.

Her last night sleeping as a one year old

baby sleeping stuffed monkey twin bed charleston family lifestyle photographer

baby lovey sleeping birthday photo shoot charleston

pink baby feet

We started teaching the kids to play blackjack after dinner this week, to help 5 year old Jane with her math skills. And because we’re classy like that.


Still hungry

Opening gifts amidst streamers at breakfast



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