Posted on January 29, 2011

James Island toddler Minolta film camera South Carolina child portrait photographyCharleston baby photographer vintage film camera

Posted on January 17, 2011

I am preparing to blog a sneak peek of another family beach portrait session, and I stumbled on this in my archives.

It’s a few months old, but it makes my heart melt, and it’s especially fitting on this dreary, dreary day. (For which I am nonetheless blessed and thankful. Spaghetti sauce from scratch is bubbling, and soon it’ll be time to tune in to The Bachelor–one of my guilty pleasures.  I  have a fondness for gray days when I don’t have to leave the house.)

The bebelove.

Don’t feel sorry for her. She was probably mad because it was naptime and she didn’t want it to be, or perhaps I wouldn’t let her play with a steak knife or toxic substance.  Sharpie. Whatever.

I’m so mean.

I have such a weakness for expressive photos that go beyond smiles. As much as I adore a good cheesy grin on anyone of any age, I am all about wanting to capture the full emotional range.

Posted on January 15, 2011

Lately, I’ve seen great recaps of 2010 on the blogs of many wonderfully talented photographers.  My favorites have been the ones where they include what they like about the image.  I like knowing why a particular image spoke to them.  Sometimes, it’s just obvious. But sometimes I can see a photo differently through their eyes, or see something I didn’t even notice before.

These aren’t my favorite images of the year. I could never narrow that down. They are images that stood out to me when I looked back in my archives, and they haven’t yet been posted on the website. I’d love to know which one is your favorite!

Bride getting ready lip gloss Charleston wedding photographer

I like the way the composition turned out here–the way the makeup artist’s applying lip gloss with her own lips showing in the corner of the frame. And, you know, there’s the whole thing where they’re both insanely gorgeous.

Charleston family photographer child in air dress beach

This is from my very first family shoot. I love the sense of motion, but my favorite part is the way her little toes are so pointed.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Charleston Homecoming prom candid portrait photography

First Baptist School prom-goers. I love the light, love the way the processing turned out, love the Mom fussing over her son in the background and their shadows.  I did this shoot as a favor to a neighbor, and a few days beforehand, my Nikon died. (Now I have 3 camera bodies, but I didn’t at the time, which is why I wasn’t technically in business then. Gotta be prepared!) Anyway, my neighbor said I could borrow her DSLR. I had 2 hours on the internet and 45 minutes of in-hand time to figure out how to maneuver around a Canon. I also couldn’t see the meter because the sun was so bright, and I was working with a kit lens. But that’s the sort of field challenge that I love, and I really love a lot of the images that came out of that shoot.  Charleston Middleton Place wisteria photo

I hardly ever shoot flowers anymore. Used to, obsessively, when I first got my Nikon. But this just says Lowcountry to me. Boy Scouts Middleton Place Charleston

This was Boy Scouts day at Middleton Place. I like the perspective here. I was also fascinated by these deer, who spend all day in this petting zoo, yet were still remarkably skittish.

Charleston family portrait

Daddy’s home! Do not adjust your screen.  I was playing with one of my manual 50mm lenses with my daughter one afternoon and  my husband came home a bit early. I didn’t even have time to turn the focus ring to grab this shot, but I love the way it came out anyway.

Beaufort engagement session photographer

From my first engagement shoot, taken in Beaufort, which is always worth a road trip. Kelby Photowalk Charleston

This is just very modern downtown Charleston. Taken on the Kelby Photowalk. I love the colors.

Charleston street furniture Kelby Photowalk

Another Photowalk image. It makes me smile. So perfect for throngs of photo opp seekers for someone to leave what looks like a perfectly good dresser out on an upscale urban street.

Folly Beach family portrait Charleston photographer

From a family portrait session at Folly Beach. Who wouldn’t  hope to be even half as fun and gorgeous as these two when they’re grandparents?

Charleston child portrait grass gree eyes

Because we shot this at the end of the summer, and I wish it was summer now. Yep.

Folly Beach children portrait vintage

I love the way the processing turned out on this. I think it’s very sweet, and I know it’s not always easy for little boys, even loving brothers, to hold hands, what with the risk of cooties and all, so props to these little guys.

Love this location. I wish it wasn’t 4 1/2 hours away. I’m dying to get a bride there. It’s the ultimate trash-the-dress location. Around 4 city blocks chock full of killer overgrown industrial buildings with the most unbelievable light.

Love the colors and intimacy here

Charleston Waterfront Park engagement photographer

I love their expressions and body language. At heart, I am a girl in love with candid photojournalism. And I like the sort of organic texture that the spraying water drops gives the image.

Charleston wedding photographer

I love the softness and sort of in-the-moment, snapshot feel to this.

Folly Beach child photographer

This isn’t a good picture in terms of composition. But I keep coming back to it for other reasons. The child stopped in the middle of our session to approach and coo at the passing dogs. I love the symmetrical eye contact. See how she and the large dog are looking into each other’s eyes, and the puppy is looking straight at me?

Charleston child photographer

I took this of my middle child just a few weeks ago. It wouldn’t even be deliverable if it were a client image (missing top half of a head anyone?) but I love it all the same. There’s something about it that’s just very *her*.

Charleston baby photographer

The babe. I dig rubber duckies, can’t get enough of candid photos, and the finger pudge and bit o’ eyelash just slay me. No-brainer.

Folly Beach child photographer

My oldest child. This is an SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot, and while it could benefit from some editing, I chose to leave it the way it was captured. An exercise in restraint.  Gotta love that sunset light.

Charleston wedding photographer dance floor

Who doesn’t like a good dance floor photo? This was from a wedding afterparty. I am looking forward to many more fun dance floor moments during the weddings I’m shooting in 2011.

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