Posted on December 13, 2010

I had a beach engagement shoot scheduled for today, but mother nature had other ideas.
WIth a dreary afternoon freed up, I went through some of the snaps I’ve taken around the house in the past week.
Insert a decadent dinner break at the Fat Hen (Flounder Nicoise? Yes Ma’am!)
and now I’m home and cozy, ready to update the blog with new images.

These days, I spend a lot of time each day tidying up behind the swath of destruction that this imp cuts through the house.
Coffee cups on countertops, lip gloss, Febreze bottles, dog food, folded pillowcases, half-empty bottles of Pinot Grigio–nothing is safe from her fat, fervent little fingers.

Here she is, assaulting a (cooled, thankfully) saucepan of boiled eggs

Silly me, thinking I could saute some onions and leave the butter out for a few minutes

She charms me, even with one finger shoved up her nose

Charleston child photographer

This is her new chastened stance. I have to admit, it’s much more effective at tugging my heartstrings than crying ever was

Charleston child photographer

Freelensed (don’t try this at home if you only have one nice camera body)

Daddy’s home!

Charleston child photographer

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Posted on December 1, 2010

The extended family Thanksgiving is held at my parents house in Georgia. There aren’t any quiet, noncompetitive or unopinionated people in my family, so there’s always lots of energy and rollicking conversation.
There were no contact football injuries this year, but we may have possibly a little bit slightly broken my mother’s dining room table playing Spoons.

My mother plating an absolutely insane Italian cream cake that someone gave her. She told my aunt it was homemade, which was true, but not actually by her, in her home. Details…

Charleston food photographer


Charleston photographer coffee

Cousins always have better toys
Charleston photographer child toy

Charleston photographer cat pet

Gloss me, baby

Gimme the kitty

No, seriously. Gimme.

In the bag!

Winding down with a pillowbook

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